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The Institute of Health & Management Sciences has a diverse history of imparting training to new entrants and those already serving within healthcare and hospitality industry in various countries of the world. Through public-private partnership programs, the Institute has so far enabled thousands of new students and on-job professionals to acquire new skill-sets most needed in the job market in Pakistan and abroad. By building partnerships and synergies with the leading institutions in healthcare, hospitality and professional development, the IHMS provided learning and job opportunities to its students.



Health Services Academy in the capacity of an innovative Degree Awarding Institute (DAI) has played a major role in transforming the standards of imparting quality healthcare education in Pakistan as well as around the globe. The HSA has a diversified range of On-Campus and Online training programs both for fresh students and on-job professionals working in Pakistan or in any other country of the world. The prime objective of HSA is to facilitate the students and on-job professionals with state-of-the-art learning tools in a friendly and scholarly environment that suits the needs of students. Apart from the provision of ease of learning through Online Learning Portal, the HSA ensures not to compromise the quality of education by putting in place a continuous, comprehensive and well chalked out strategy of surveillance and evaluation of the learning processes and their outcomes. Thus, the academy offers global standards of education in a relaxed and innovative learning environment. Additionally, the pace of programs has been designed to cater the needs students’ professional and personal life.

The Success Story

With its humble beginning through launching more than 100 distance learning programs offering professional development and capacity enhancement of on-job individuals, the Institute turned out to be a leader in skill enhancement through its on-campus programs in various disciplines including MS in Public Health among, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Pharmacy among several others course meant for the career development of Hospital Management and Hospitality Management.

Realizing the need of Online Learning in a post-Covid environment, the IHMS has built a core team specializing in online teaching and training. The ultimate objective of IHMS management is to facilitate fresh students and on-job professionals in acquiring new skills and the latest knowledge in their respective areas of expertise. At the moment, the IHMS is engaged in designing various online learning programs with top-class universities. The objective of these efforts is to impart the most recent scientific knowledge to the students and employees of low-income countries. Additionally, the Institute intends to set new quality standards in the domain of online learning.


The Institute of Health & Management Sciences takes pride in mentioning that thousands of students and on-job professionals who enrolled in various IHMS programs and receive certificates and diplomas are now in the most prestigious organizations of the developed countries, especially in the Gulf countries. Keeping in view the growing number of queries and requests from the residents of UAE, the IHMS is planning to establish a campus to conduct regular classes in various disciplines in near future.


Unique Campus

IHMS is built keeping at par with the international standards. Considering creativity and safety as benchmarks, you will find all the facilities ranging from lush green lawns to massive infrastructure, from research labs to students’ service centers. All are designed to offer you a safe and perfect learning ambiance.


Each year hundreds of our graduates prepare with market-ready skills to face the ever-changing and dynamic world.

Our graduates are like core assets which earn us a distinctive image in the region of southern Punjab.