Code of Conduct

1) The Institute of Health and Management Sciences Islamabad is affiliated with Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University PIMS Islamabad. A letter from Vice Chancellor is displayed in Coordinators office as well as online on the website. IHMS is an exclusive institution with certain distinct features, both, in the field of academic and extra-curricular activities. We are affiliated with Federal Government University, in collaboration with Pakistan Sports Board, World Health Organization, Federal Government Polyclinic Hospital and Capital Development Authority. IHMS is first Institute in Pakistan which is also affiliated with International Academy of Management Sweden. IHMS is specifically goal oriented in Immigration of Physical Therapy students with all technical support after completion of degree for interested students subject to visa approval formalities by the student. We believe that the aims of any organization cannot be achieved without specific planning and proper interaction between the teachers and the taught. Parents figure as the most vital link in this interaction. A careful study of the Handbook of Regulations, available at the Coordinator's office as well as online It is therefore, a must for all those parents who wish to have their children enrolled in this institution. Students are also required to read and familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations in the Handbook of Regulations. This handbook is conceived with the singular aim to fully acquaint parents, as well as the students, with the different systems and discipline rules prevalent at IHMS. Every student is expected and required to respect the rights of fellow students and the staff in the performance of their duties and at all times to observe the criminal laws of the State and the rules and regulations of the University and to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to the academic environment of the institute and the promotion of its objectives.

2) SERVICES AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS: PHOTOCOPY/ SCANNING/ PRINTING: A photocopying machine is installed in the building that is operated by a full time member. The photocopy facility is available at a nominal cost to students that is 3 Rs per page in single sided and 4 Rs if double sided. Prints are available at a normal cost per page 10 Rs. Scanner is available at a normal cost 10 Rs per page. Students are required to pay in advance and allow 24 hours before delivery for a major print or photocopy. COMPUTER & INTERNET USAGE: Computers along with internet facility are installed in the lab. These are to be used for the purposes of research, assignments, and other academic activities. Misuse of this facility in any way can result in withdrawal of this facility to the user. Internet is available for students. TP Link: Password: 349------ (Available in Coordinator's Office). TELEPHONE: The phone is available for general use by the students on payment in the coordinator's room under the supervision of the Coordinator or her assistant. It is deemed that only in emergencies the requests of students to use the office phones may be accepted.

3) All admissions are provisional and IHMS reserves the right to cancel admission of students for indiscipline, violating rules, providing false information, manipulating the documents or for any other reason. Admissions can be cancelled in case students not fulfilling the admission criteria set forth by the competent authority HEC and SZABMU as well as IHMS. First Selection for DPT is made on the basis of FSc pre medical marks with 60% or above. For post graduate programs with 3 CGPA or above. Students waiting for results would have to submit hope certificate. Students have to observe all the required criteria of admission as set by the University that is admission test as & when required. This applied to all new and students already enrolled. Admission test is announced by the University twice a year. Students at the time of admission have to submit two sets of these documents: CNIC own and Father's, SSC, HSSC Mark Sheets, Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree (for post graduate program) undertaking and 12 passport sized pictures.

4) Any damage caused to the property of the institute which includes laboratory equipment, furniture, fixture, canteen, library books, plantation, etc. or any other thing in the premises of institute campus area will be considered as serious acts of indiscipline and the students will be asked to compensate as determined by the authority.

5) In each semester, students will be required to be regular and to appear in classes on time, as per the schedule provided by the institute; Attend quizzes, midterm examinations, terminal examinations, give presentation, and submit projects/assignments/ reports well in time.

6) Punctuality and regular attendance in lectures and other course related work is necessary. A minimum of 75% attendance is compulsory in every course. From the date of commencement of a course, a maximum absence of 4 sessions in regular semester shall be allowed.

7) Students are expected to be in their classes before the scheduled time as given in the time table. A student who is more than ten minutes late may not be allowed to enter the class if there was an emergency. Students are expected to maintain a minimum of 75% attendance in each subject. A student may be absent from the Institute upon submitting a written application by the parent/guardian which must be submitted to the office either before the leave period starts or, at the latest, on the day the student resumes attendance at the Institute after the absence. If a student is absent without an application or notice for one week his/her name will be struck off from the department and admission would be considered cancelled without prior notice. All the rules stated in the undertaking signed by each student apply. Attendance below 75% would restrict students to appear in exams. Students with below 50% internal marks would not be allowed to sit in final examination. Any student with less than 70% of attendance will not be allowed to sit in terminal examination.

8) Students are forbidden from indulging in any political activity on the campus. No student shall form, or associate with an organization/group/society/club, or any other body involved in misconduct or is against the institute, any policy of the institute, hindering smooth functioning of institute, promoting caste distinctions and inciting parochial/ linguistic/regional feelings.

9) No student shall stage, incite, or participate in a walkout, strike or any other form of agitation which might create or is likely to create law and order problem for the institute and affect or is likely to affect its smooth functioning.

10) Students shall pay the dues will in time and should respect the allocated deadline for payment of dues. Institute is liable to put a fine upon delay or non compliance to follow payment deadlines.

11) Fee paid is not refundable. IHMS reserves the right to change course requirements, fee structure, nomenclatures, class schedule, venue, etc. at any time. The tuition fee for the year is collected in two installments. First installment is payable at the time of admission and the Second installment is payable on 5th of April or as date approved or announced by Finance department. Tuition fee vouchers are issued at least two weeks in advance of the last date of payment of tuition fee. Fee vouchers are sent to parents through students. If the parent does not receive the fee voucher they must contact the office. After the final date of payment, the fee is received for a grace period of 10 days with a fine of Rs. 500. Any further delay would incur a fine of 1000 Rs per day and student admission as well registration would be cancelled in case of delay more than a month. If the fee is paid by cheque and the bank returns the cheque unpaid, a charge of Rs. 1,000 is made to cover administrative costs in addition to the late fee charges (if applicable). After the grace period is over the student’s name is subject to cancellation and re-admission of the student is conditional upon The full payment of the Admission Fee The full payment of all outstanding dues A vacancy in class since the place might have been offered to another applicant, and Recommendation by the Head for re-admission of the student The Admission Fee are payable once only at the time of admission. Tuition fee are not outstanding, and No deduction have been made against the deposit Tuition fee once paid is not refundable irrespective of whether the student leaves the course voluntary or is asked to leave the course on academic, disciplinary or any other grounds. Parent with more than two children attending the college are charged full fee for the two older children and 75% fee for the other children. A student sanding first in University would receive 20% fee waiver annually. A student, who joins the College during the term, is charged full fee for the term. Tuition fees normally increase at the rate of 10% per year. Withdrawal from the College requires at least one written notice or in case student applying for NOC would have to apply within a month after final examination and current academic session fee would be charged irrespective of attending classes. Complete fee details available online department wise. The Institute reserves the right to change or amend the rule/conditions state as required. Students admitted to any faculty have to abide academic and administrative rules as approved or modified by the competent authority of the University and institute from time to time and shall not be questioned.

12) FOR ENFORCEMENT OF RULES: The following methods are in operation Warning/reprimand Suspension of certain student’s privileges Suspension from The Institute Fines Expulsion Note: Persistent violation of any rule may result in suspension or expulsion. GROSS MISCONDUCT Gross misconduct will result in immediate suspension, which will continue till the completion of any inquiry. On being found guilty, such as part of any gang against institution or university, the student(s) in question may be: Heavily fined suspended for a more prolonged period asked to be withdrawn expelled Students guilty of gross misconduct, if allowed to continue at the Institute (depending upon the nature and degree of misconduct) will be stripped of all the Institute‘s titles/honors. Examples of cases of Misconduct Physical violence Breach of co-education ethics Abusive language Damage to the Institute’s property/transport Misbehaviour/rudeness/disobedience with members of faculty and staff Import of obscene material/audio/visual tapes etc. Cases of unethical/uncivilized behaviour outside the Institute within society, Use of forbidden items, Smoking or eating during lectures and in the Library. DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE Permanent members 1) Dr. Muhammad Usman Khan Chairman 2) Dr. Abdul Momin Vice Chairman 3) Maimona Mumtaz Head of Academic Affairs. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the imposition of disciplinary sanctions (including expulsion, fines, campus service and, in the case of the rule in relation to vehicles, the placing of adhesive stickers on vehicles and clamping).

13) Co-Education and its Ethics: IHMS is a co-education institution. While single sex institutes have various advantages for both boys and girls, it is nevertheless essential that educational institutions within the country should also offer an environment conducive to a healthy interaction between the sexes. Clearly there are certain advantages, to both girls and boys, of being in such an environment. Co-education is a difficult policy to pursue particularly in a society where male-female interaction has not yet fully developed. This is not to suggest that co-education institutions in the East do not face problems though they are of a somewhat different nature. In short couples are not allowed and sitting in an inappropriate way would incur a strict disciplinary action against students. Girls and boys are advised to keep a specific gap and distance from each other in case of group study, discussion or any other time. During functions, parties, get together, seminars, workshops etc couple dances are strictly prohibited. Any incident of misconduct inside the Institute will be considered serious and warning/reprimand Suspension of certain student’s privileges, Suspension from The Institute /Fines /Expulsion would be in action. Girls are not allowed to leave institute in any case during academic hours. Parents are not only well-wishers but also the sponsors of their children’s education. It is therefore the duty of an academic institution to keep parents in the picture regarding the conduct of their children The Institute’s role is not only academic preparation for examinations, but also to discuss with parents, matters related to his/her conduct and to recommend accordingly. An important part of the Institute’s conduct is the personal interaction between boys and girls. While the Institute does not wish to suppress students’ sense of comradeship, it intends to carefully monitor inter-personal interaction within the Institute. If a need arises, the following steps can be taken: A meeting with the student for discussion and clarification combined with a commitment for change. A meeting with the parents to inform them and also to develop corrective measures with their support. If both the above steps fail, recommendation by the Institute for the student(s) to be withdrawn. As per The Institute’s policy, which has always been in operation, please note that a student is expected to immediately be withdrawn if he/she conducts himself/herself within the Institute in a manner which is offensive to the expected norms of co-education e.g. uses foul language, makes obscene gestures, and imports offensive material/literature. It is often maintained that an academic institution has no jurisdiction over a child’s behavior outside its premises. We consider that both parents and the Institute are concerned with their conduct inside and outside the campus. Given this, the following policy must be noted: Any incident of misconduct outside the Institute within society will be considered as seriously as if it had happened inside the Institute. Support from Parents Implementation of any of the Institute’s policy requires parents’ support in the following areas: Responsibility for the monitoring of a young person’s conduct and his/her interpersonal relationships outside the Institute.Just as the Institute takes the parents in confidence for students’ conduct inside the Institute so the parents should inform, discuss and seek advice from the Institute regarding their son’s/daughter’s conduct outside in the society including the company they keep. this is for information purpose only and administration would not be responsible for the activity of student outside the Institute.

14) Every candidate shall at the time of admission give an undertaking that he/she shall not indulge in politics or involve in such activities which negatively influence the institute, failing which; he/she shall not be allowed admission. And if, after the admission, he/she violates such an undertaking i.e. indulges in politics, he/she shall be expelled from the institution without further notice. The finding with regard to “indulgence in politics” given by the Head of the Institution under his seal and signatures shall be final and shall not be questioned.

15) Student violating any rule of the institute or found guilty in any offence, misconduct or a being part of any unethical activity will be provided with a warning letter by the authority after giving him/her a chance of personal hearing. Upon issuance of a warning letter for the third time, at any point during the course of studies, to the same student or group of students, either for the same offence or a new one, the student(s) will be terminated from the institute and his/her registration will be cancelled from the university as well. As per decision of the President of Pakistan, neither the Mohtasib nor the President can interfere with the matters relating to academic standards. Policy matters could not be assailed or challenged in the constitutional jurisdiction. Secondly the courts should not interfere with the policy matters of educational institutions. Thirdly, High Court in exercise of its constitutional jurisdiction could not take over the role of policy. Fourthly, that in academic matter, Dean or authority is the best judges to interpret the rules and regulations formed by the authorities. (Ref: No. 6(28)WMS/Coord-2016-3rd July, 2016.)

16) LIBRARY RULES The library is run by an online portal. The library offers a variety of books including textbooks. The books are catalogued according to the international System. Students are encouraged and given personal guidance by the Librarian for reference and selection of the books. The librarian on receipt of the book card will enter the date of return on the relevant forms online, retain the book card for future reference and issue the book to the student concerned. No book is to be issued on PROXY. A maximum of 3 books may be issued at a time. Reference books and books marked “Not to be removed from the library” may not be issued. All books can be re-issued as and when required. Three re-issues are permissible in case there is no request for the said book. In case the desired book has already been issued and a copy is not available, the student can put their name down and reserve the next issue. The book has to be personally produced for the re-issue, as the cards have to be marked. The library books are to be returned on the specified date, given by the librarian that is 7 days. Returned books are to be handed personally to the librarian for the necessary check. On a book returned late a fine of Rs. 100/- per day will be charged for first three days delay and fine of 500/ will be charged per day for further delay. In case a book is lost while in the custody of the student, he/she is encouraged to find the lost book within a period of two weeks, failing which he/she has to pay the total cost of the lost book and fine. Photo-copying facilities (on nominal payment) are available. Any books removed from the shelves for study work in the library are not to be returned to the shelf itself but put in area designated by the sign, “Please place books here for shelving”. All books, journals, newspapers and other publications in the library are The Institute’s property; therefore, students must refrain from any scribbling, written remarks, and tearing off newspapers’ pages, portions of books etc. Library Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m for evening 3:00 p.m to 6:30 p.m Library Hours: Saturdays 10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.

17) Students seeking for no objection certificate would be bound to follow the policy of the institute that is: students desirous of applying for NOC should send the request by January 15th and application duly signed by their parents as well as from department incharge and attach last year’s result or gazette. Students are bound to have clearance from all the departments. Students would have to clear dues of current academic session in which they are applying for NOC.