The call of this meeting was to select members of departmental committee as each department exercises a large measure of autonomy for its program under policies established for the Institute as a whole. Under the general responsibility of the department head, each department has a departmental committee, including one or more graduate registration officers, to administer departmental procedures.

This committee headed by the chairman will be constituted to check randomly a few papers of the final semester examination for uniformity of scoring & covering of the course content. A student must approach the head of the committee for a grievance on grade within 5 days of the receipt of the grade. The head of the department shall forward the grade grievance to a 3 member committee and it will be mandatory on the committee for hearing both sides (Students & Instructor) and will give a final decision within 5 days or before the start of registration for new semester whichever comes early. The Decision of the committee will be final.

Chairman Departmental Committee

Dr. Maimona Mumtaz


Dr Muhammad Juanid
Dr. Rizmi Naseer

A departmental committee acts with power on:
  • The program of subjects, research, and examinations (other than language examinations) leading to any advanced degree for each graduate student registered in its department;
  • Acceptance of credits toward graduate degrees;
  • Applications for graduate study in the department;
  • Determination of residence credits;
  • Approval of departmental degree lists.
It recommends action upon:
  • Applications for fellowships and scholarships;
  • New subjects of graduate instruction within its department;
  • Requests for exceptions to usual procedures;
  • Cases of failure to meet scholastic requirements.
The committee reports to the HOD:
  • Results of general examinations
  • Grades on theses and thesis examinations;
  • Grades on midterm examination
  • Subjects accepted toward a degree