• Examinations department of IHMS was established on 16/01/2014.
  • The Office of the Controller of Examinations is an integral component of the IHMS administration. Asst Controller office is responsible for all matters connected with conduct of Examination. There are two sections:

Under Graduate Section for DPT

Post Graduate Section for MPH

  • Mr. Abdul Momin is working as Asst Controller of examinations.
Academic year
  • Admission to the university is open to all eligible candidates without distinction of cast, Crete, gender or domicile. Application for admission to various courses of study shall be invited from all over the Pakistan
  • Academic year of the university shall comprise of two semesters, each ofminimumdurationof18weeksofteaching
  • There will be two regular semesters (Fall and Spring) every year.
For Five -year DPT Degree
a. Total No. of Credit Hours
b. Duration 5 years
c. Number of Regular years 5
d. Number of Summer Sessions 1
e. Course Load per year 30 – 45 Credit Hours
Internship / Project

Every student is required to write a project report (similar to thesis with less intensity) or will do his /her internship in an organization which relates to his / her discipline in which he / she is graduating/. This is to be done when the student is at senior level, i.e. 5th year).

  • The minimum duration for completing the DPT degree shall be 5 years.
a. Total No. of Credit Hours
b. Semester Duration 16 – 18 Weeks
c. Number of Regular Semesters 04
d. Number of Summer Sessions
e. Course Load per Semester 9 – 12 Credit Hours

The minimum duration for completing the master’s (MPH) degree shall be four semesters.

Examination Eligibility

A student shall be eligible to appear in the terminal examinations provided that:

  1. he/she has been on the roles of the University during that semester;
  2. has registered himself/herself for the courses of study, and
  3. has 75% attendance
  4. has paid all the University dues including tuition/hostel fees, etc, by the commencement of the semester
Student Evaluation

A student shall be evaluated in each course on the basis of

  1. Sessional tests,
  2. class assignments,
  3. quizzes,
  4. midterms,
  5. Terminal examinations.
  6. give presentation,
  7. participate in group discussion, and
  8. submit projects/lab reports by the due dates
  9. any other

These will have different weightages and contribute towards the overall assessment in percent marks. The following weightage shall be given to the Examinations / home assignments / terms paper etc, for each course in each semester:

Evaluation Category Distribution of Marks
Attendance/Class Participation 5%
Assignments/Presentations 5%
Mid Term examination 10%
Terminal examination 80%
  • In case a student joins a course after it has started, he/she will be responsible for any missed quizzes, assignments and lectures.
  • The marks in missed quizzes etc will be zero while make-up tests, assignments, projects and labs can be arranged in consultation with the teacher/Head of Department.
  • Where a student misses a class test because of an emergency or because of his/her illness, for which he/she has obtained prior permission from the teacher concerned, in writing, he/she shall take a make-up test. A make-up test will be arranged only once. A student, who fails to appear in the make-up test, will be awarded zero marks in that particular test, and the result will be finalized. For makeup tests students are allowed to appear only in that portion of the course which they have missed.
  • In order to qualify in the examination of a semester, a student must obtain at least 50% marks in each course. It will also be essential to pass in the laboratory work if necessary.
  • After marking the class tests, quizzes and mid-term examination papers the same must be shown to the students and discussed with the class. Any question relating to marking should be discussed with individual students but the answer papers, projects assignments, term paper etc, should be taken back from the students immediately after the students have seen their performance and discussed the questions, if any, with the instructor / *examination coordinator (of the department) to be kept safely for record.
  • The defaulters of the University dues are not permitted to sit in the examinations.
Examination Aids
  • The only items students can take into the examination room are writing material (pens, pencils, eraser, ruler). Writing materials are not permitted to have any annotations relevant to the content of the Unit.
  • All bags, textbooks and notes etc must be left outside or at the front of the room.
  • Bringing of mobile telephone to the examination room is NOT permitted. The mobile telephones will fall in the category of prohibited examination aid. If captured such material by the invigilating staff, its damage/loss will not be the responsibility of the University and the same will be kept for record being a UFM support material.
  • Where a particular examination states that candidates are allowed to bring and use specific aids, any candidate bringing items that exceed or contradict that statement will have such items either confiscated for the duration of the examination or, in marginal cases, handed in with their examination scripts.
Practical/Lab work
  • If a course includes a Practical/Lab work, the practical examination shall be held once, at the end of the course. But also, each day an experiment of laboratory work will be evaluated. Laboratory course will carry separate marks.
Field Work
  • In Departments/Institutions where field work is involved, the method of evaluation shall determined by the department concerned.
  • A panel of external examiners for evaluation of project report/dissertation and conduct of viva-voce examination shall be recommended by the SZABMU.
  • The external examiner shall evaluate the project report/dissertation and conduct viva-voce examination of the student on the date and time given by the SZABMU.
  • In case the project report/dissertation is adjudged inadequate by the external examiner, he/she may reject the project report/dissertation or ask the student to revise the same.
  • The student shall be required to submit revised version of the project report/dissertation within a period of one month from the date of viva-voce examination. Revised version of the project report/dissertation shall be examined by the Supervisor
  • After the viva-voce examination, the successful student shall submit three hardbound copies of the project report/dissertation to the department for onward transmission to the quarters concerned for the declaration of the result.
  • The result of the student shall not be declared unless he/she has submitted three hardbound copies of the project report/dissertation to the department.

The following range of grade points for each letter grade will be followed;

Marks Range (in %) Grade Point (Value) Grade
90 and above 4.00


85  – 89 4.00


80 – 84 4.00


75 – 79 3.5 – 3.9


73 – 74 3.3 – 3.4


70 – 72 3.0 – 3.2


66 – 69 2.6 – 2.9


63 – 65 2.3 – 2.5


60 – 62 2.0 - 2.2


50 – 59 1.0 -1.9


0 – 49* 0.00


Incomplete -


Withdrawal -


  *fraction is to be rounded.

The minimum pass marks for each course shall be (fifty percent) 50%.

A student obtaining less than 50% marks in any course shall deem to have failed in that course. Less than 50% marks secured by a student in any course shall not be counted towards the aggregate marks.

The equivalence between letter grading and numerical grading shall be as follow:

% Marks Grade pointValue Grade Remarks
90 & above 4.00 A+ Excellent
85-89 4.00 A Very Good
80-84 4.00 A- Very Good
79 3.9 B+ Good
78 3.8 B+
77 3.7 B+
76 3.6 B+
75 3.5 B
74 3.4 B
73 3.3 B
72 3.2 B-
71 3.1 B-
70 3.0 B-
69 2.9 C+ Satisfactory
68 2.8 C+
67 2.7 C+
66 2.6 C+
65 2.5 C
64 2.4 C
63 2.3 C
62 2.2 C-
61 2.1 C-
60 2.0 C-
59 1.9 D Pass
58 1.8 D
57 1.7 D
56 1.6 D
55 1.5 D
54 1.4 D
53 1.3 D
52 1.2 D
51 1.1 D
50 1.0 D
0-49 F Fail
Withdrawn course W Withdrawn
Incomplete course I Incomplete
  • If a student fails to complete the requirements of the programme within the normal period of an extension for semesters may be allowed by the policy of SZABU.


Semester Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Averages (CGPA) will be calculated using the following relationships:

GPA CGPA Equation/

CGPA Required For Degree Completion of:

For graduation, the minimum qualifying CGPAs for DPT and MPH students are 2.00 and 2.0 respectively.

  • Whenever an undergraduate student’ CGPA decreases from 2.0 (for graduate students 2.0), he/she will be on 1st probation for the next semester.
  • If the undergraduate student does not come out by increasing his/her CGPA to 2.0 (or a graduate student 2.0), then again, he/she will go on “last probation”.
  • If the student who was earlier on 1st probation, does not come out in the last probation by achieving the minimum desired CGPA,

i.he/she shall be dropped out from the department/institute 

ii. and cannot be re-admitted by the same institute.

  • At the end of the first semester an undergraduate student must obtain GPA of 2.00 (& graduate student 2.0) in order to become eligible for registration in the second semester or get his/her degree according to SZABMU policy
  • All mid-term/terminal Semester Examinations of the University, shall be held at concerned Department/institute/affiliated colleges, on dates and schedule prepared by the Department/Institutes,
  • The examination office of the respective department/institute/centre will publish the examination schedules at least 02 weeks prior to the commencement of the mid-term/terminal examination
  • Examinees are seated in the examination room according to the seating plan prepared by the examination officer of the Department.
  • All answer books used in the examination are initialed by them. No other answer books are to be used.
  • Answer books are issued to the invigilators 05 minutes before the commencement of the examination and retrieved at the end of the examination.
  • Absentee report, if any, is prepared and forwarded to the departmental Examination Officer.
  • Invigilators are detailed by the departmental examination officer of the department. They will report to the Superintendent/Deputy Superintendent 30 minutes before the commencement of examination and will ensure.
  1. Those students are seated according to their seating plan.
  2. That the students are warned against the use of unfair means and have been directed to surrender notes, papers or other unauthorized material before the commencement of the examination.
  3. That no examinee is allowed to join the examination 30 minutes after its commencement.
  4. That no examinee is allowed to leave the examination room within one hour of commencement of examination. The visits to ‘wash rooms’ will be allowed only in special circumstances and should be carefully controlled.
  5. That the question papers and answer books of an examinee detected using unfair means or assisting another candidate, or is copying from another candidate is taken away and the matter reported to the Superintendent/Deputy Superintendent of examination. The Superintendent records all available evidence to be used as written proof later on.
  6. That the examinees write their examination roll/code/detail number on the front cover of each additional answer book used. If more than one answer book is used, they are handed over to the Superintendent/Deputy Superintendent after the examination.
  7. Question papers are set by respective faculty and duly scrutinized, approved and conducted in accordance with the SZABMU

If a student freezes a semester(s), he/she will be entertained according to SZABMU policy.

  • It is mandatory on the head of the institutes to have every course instructor evaluated by the students on what they have been taught by their instructor.
  • It must be done in the last week of the semester (Without the presence of the course instructor so as to maintain impartiality).
  • This evaluation should be objective and should be shared with the concerned course instructor for his / her improvement / knowledge.
  • Evaluation done by the students will be completely anonymous, i.e. the student is not supposed to indicate himself / herself by name, or roll numbers, or registration numbers or by any other means whatsoever.
  1. The result of each course shall be declared within 90 days after the examination and the result along with the scripts shall be sent to the Controller Examinations of SZABMU.
  2. University examination result will be declared as of policy of SZABMU.

In case of Failure the courses will be repeated according to SZABMU policy.