The aim of this call is to identify and select qualified and experienced professionals for establishing a pool of assessor experts and thus to ensure a proper and quality evaluation of the Institute. IHMS is launching the 1st Call for Assessors to identify and select qualified and experienced professionals to join the Programme’s Pool of Assessors set up for Institute’s internal assessment. The Assessors selected within the framework of this Call will be involved in the assessment process. The Pool of Assessor experts will be set up for the period of 2016-2020 and will be regularly updated, the assessors registered in the Pool of Assessors can take part in the assessment process as external experts.

Task of Assessors

The Assessors will perform quality assessment and scoring of Institute’s applications in accordance with the assessment grids and related Programme documents and procedures. To ensure impartial, professional and smooth assessment process, the Assessment Manual is developed.

The Assessor will be required to:
  • Establish that accreditation applications meet the standards of accreditation.
  • Assess applicants against the desired accreditation criteria supplied and following the processes described in the guidance documentation.
  • Use the latest version of accreditation source materials e.g. Body of Knowledge, and apply reference materials stated in the syllabuses.
  • Carry out assessments in a professional and timely manner.
  • Work within contractual and non-disclosure requirements.
  • Declare any conflicts of interest prior to an assessment taking place.
  • Keep the accreditation team up to date with the progress of any assessment.
  • Act in the best interests of accreditation at all times and accreditation process will be done every first week of March & August of year.
  • Attend a minimum of one Accreditation Assessor meeting within three months.
Abdul Momin MSPH Coordinator
Maimona Mumtaz DPT Coordinator
Mehtab Alam Lecturer
Dr. Junaid Akram Lecturer
Sumaira Khan Lecturer
Dr. Rizmi Naseer Lecturer
Muhammad Yaseen Accountant