Measures of Quality Enhancement

IHMS is a unique institution that has the responsibility of standardizing and improving the quality of education. It has introduced measures for the quality assurance in all its academic programmes, with an aim for enhancing it further. We take pride in establishing sound foundations in achieving our targets.

A brief review into the programs specific to IHMS are highlighted below;

Examination System

IHMS has introduced the unique system at Graduate & Post Graduate level. To avoid any chances of bias coming into play internal and external assessment of final examination has been introduced. In this evaluation system special emphasis has been laid on continuous assessment of students. Class room presentation has been made integral part of internal assessment. In Undergraduate program, special system has been developed and introduced to have a more comprehensive evaluation of student. Through this system the students of this Institute are evaluated in their courses of study both externally and internally. The prominent educationists/teachers are hired at the time of examination as external examiners to achieve the standard and quality of Institute evaluation system and credibility of the degree awarded by it. IHMS has introduced MCQs/SEQs, OSCE/OSPE, Internal Evaluation and Centralized Marking of Papers which was first ever in the history of Medical Education in Pakistan by achieved by UHS.

Unbiased/Vetted/Standardized Questions' Banks

QEC is keenly involved for the development of MCQs/SEQs Banks. In phase I of this project 500 MCQs and 100 SEQs are being developed for each subject of basic medical sciences. To ensure quality of these Questions' Banks, each and every question is vetted and standardized by various subject specialists. Our question selectors and setters have been trained by international/foreign experts so that they could design healthy questions. A bank of about 2000 MCQs with keys has been developed. IHMS has also become ideal in examination system.

Curriculum Development

The development of curricula of IHMS was undertaken with a view to modernize and up-dating teaching learning strategies and curriculum contents, keeping in line with national requirement and global trends. The organization of courses is made with intent to meet the national needs and to introduce contemporary trends and ensure quality of medical education. Syllabi of undergraduate has been updated.

Teaching and Learning Methodology

To impart quality education to students of this Institute, the innovations in the teaching methodology have been introduced. Interactive participative strategy has been promoted to imbibe comprehension and confidence among the graduates of this Institute. Classroom presentation has been made mandatory for each student in every course offered. High profile seminars featuring prominent scholars/ professionals have been launched as a permanent feature in Institute. International lecturers, Noble Laureates, and Scientists of Global Repute are invited to impart education to the students of IHMS. Teachers and Subject Specialists are invited as Master Trainers and International Instructors are hired to train these professionals so that quality education and evaluation system could be imparted at under and post graduate levels.