World Quality Label (WQL)

Many of the Quality Assurance Agencies have standard functioning across the world in the recent decades. A few of the strong networks for quality assurance such as APQN (Asia Pacific Quality Network) and INQAAHE (International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education) are also active in establishing a harmony and uniformity across borders.

“World Quality Label is one of the future goals of IHMS”

The World Quality Label may be defined as follows:

“A Quality Label that is given to internationally trustworthy quality assurance and accreditation agencies (QAAs), under the legitimacy of a consortium formed by international groups IAUP (International Association of Universities Presidents), the INQAAHE (International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education) and UNESCO. The WQL awarded to an agency guarantees that this agency meets the internationally defined standards for trustworthy quality assurance. These include clear commitment to develop standards of academic quality among the institutions and programmes evaluated by it, fair and appropriate quality assessment procedures, well developed and publicly available protocols, published reports, etc. As a consequence, the quality mark of QAA signifies that institutions and programmes evaluated by this agency meet trustworthy standards of academic quality. Students, academic staff, programmes and institutions wishing to cooperate with these programmes and institutions in the context of various forms of internationalization of higher education, can have a reasonable confidence in their quality.”