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Diploma in Clinical Nutrition

Recent developments in the science of nutrition have been acknowledged by experts in the healthcare industry. Experts now emphasize the importance of combining nutrition with medical therapeutics. The Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition in Medical Therapeutics (CNMT) is a well-designed course for aspiring healthcare professionals looking to delve deeper into the
Science of Clinical Nutrition, with the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained into practice within a clinical setting. The content of the Diploma in CNMT program focuses on hospital dietetics, purely based on the clinical application of nutrition. The participants of this course, including physicians, and other healthcare staff will be able to improve their knowledge of ensuring better prognosis for inpatients and outpatients by appropriately addressing their nutritional requirements to improve their quality of life. The growing number of hospitals in the gulf region and other parts of the world necessitates the services of qualified clinical nutritionists in every department and no doubt there will be thousands of job openings in this field in near future.

Eligibility Criteria - Basic Qualifications

Anyone with 14 years of education is eligible.

Course Fee

The course fee is Rs. 75,000 per semester. The total fee for a one-year diploma is Rs. 150,000, which is payable in full or in two installments.

Class Time

Friday – Saturday – Sunday Time: 04 pm – 08 pm

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