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Diploma in Applied Health Economics

The course content of this program has been especially organized in a manner that imparts a comprehensive understanding about the theory and practice of health economics. Along with introducing with the key debates in this particular domain, the program thoroughly encompasses the topics of health economic evaluation, issues in public health and, and how these influence optimal health care expenditure. Additionally, the content of this unique program imparts knowledge of how to apply methods and techniques used in professional health evaluation to determine the appropriate mix of health interventions, as well as the appropriate analytical techniques and research methodologies that can be used in
the exploration of health care decisions. This program is the gateway to develop a sound understanding and the ability to evaluate the current research in Health Economics for healthcare decision making.

Eligibility Criteria

Diploma in Health Economics is developed for NHS Managers, Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals and other suitably qualified and interested individuals.

Duration: One Year,

Fee: 12,0000