Health Insurance Management

Keeping in view of capacity building development, GIZ Pakistan in collaboration with the
Health Services Academy Islamabad and Pakistan Institute of Management developed and
conducted training workshops in Health Insurance Management. This is a technical and
professional qualification for all technical and administrative staff related to health insurance,
working across different sectors of the health sector and insurance industry. The purpose is to
enable participants from various backgrounds to advance their professional careers and
building state of the art knowledge and developing core competencies of the insurance market.
It would provide firm grounding to enhance practical knowledge and skills to make all the
participants to function effectively in a challenging environment.

Course Objective
The objective of the workshops will be to acquire basic knowledge of insurance, health
insurance and social health insurance while on the other hand gaining customized knowledge
in the field of health insurance for professionals from health insurance companies, healthcare
service providers and purchasers.
Course Format and Structure
1. This Program is of four distinct workshops, with each workshop of one week.
2. Each One-Week Workshop will be having 15 sessions of two hours each.
3. The first Pilot-run workshop for the first year will be of four weeks.
4. One week core course will be basic for all relevant stakeholders; other three workshops
will be for different stakeholders,
a. one each for health insurance firms
b. one for Service Providers;
c. one for Purchasers of health insurance