Institute of Health & Management Sciences Events

National Holidays

Pakistan Day : 23rd March
Independence Day : 14th August
Iqbal Day : 9th November
Quaid-e-Azam Day : 25th December
Labor Day : 1st May
Pakistan Defense Day : 6th September
Kashmir Day : 5th February

Seminars / Workshops

World TB Day : 24th March (WHO)
World Health Day : 7th April (WHO)
World No Tobacco Day : 31st May
World Hepatitis Day : 28th July (WHO)
World Physical Therapy Day : 8th September
World Diabetes Day : 14th November

Field Visits

CDA : Approval from CDA
Hospital /NGOs visits : Each Semester

Meetings of the Authorities

Board Members : 3rd Week of January
4th Week of July
4th Week of December
Management Meetings : 1st Week of May
1st Week of August
1st Week of November
Academic Council : 1st Week of March
1st Week of June
1st Week of September
Health Promotion : 3rd Week of February
3rd Week of May
3rd Week of September
Complaint Management : 1st Week of January
1st Week of April
1st Week of August
Faculty Meeting : 1st Week of Every Month
Finance & Planning Committee : 2nd Week of March
2nd Week of June
2nd Week of October

Academic Session

MPH (Spring) : 1st January – 10th July
MPH (Fall) : 1st Aug – 30th January

Examination Session

MPH (Spring) : July
MPH (Fall) : January